Mineral Basket Cube Replacement

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Refresh and rejuvenate your Vitalizer Plus system with the official Vitalizer Plus Mineral Basket Replacement. Including the integral spinner, this authentic replacement ensures optimal performance, delivering structured and ionized water with every use.

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Keep your Vitalizer Plus operating at its best with the official Vitalizer Plus Mineral Basket Replacement. Designed and crafted exclusively for the Vitalizer Plus system, it ensures you continue to enjoy the unique, revitalized water quality you love.


  • Perfect Match: The only replacement basket crafted explicitly for the Vitalizer Plus, ensuring seamless integration and peak performance.
  • Essential Minerals: Infuse your water with the same trusted blend of minerals for that signature structured and energized taste.
  • Durable Design: Manufactured for longevity, each basket ensures months of consistently structured and ionized water.

Maintain the highest quality of structured water with the only basket made specifically for your Vitalizer Plus. Order your official Vitalizer Plus Mineral Basket Replacement today and savor every drop!


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